SPEEDFLOOR® Contributes to Transportable Car Park System

The SPEEDFLOOR® Transportable Concrete Floor System is a key component of PARKD’s modular demountable car park, recently installed at City Subaru in Perth.

When City Subaru Victoria Park needed additional parking space, they looked for a solution that could be installed quickly to minimise disruption to business.

The car dealership’s suburban Perth location left little room for expansion, and poor ground conditions meant a standard car parking system would involve time-consuming foundation work. They turned to PARKD for a modular demountable car park — a cost-efficient option that can be transported and reused in future.

PARKD’s innovative modular transportable car park system was designed to enable fast, streamlined construction of car parks with minimal impact to the building structure. Prefabricated off-site, the system can be erected in a matter of days, saving significant time. The lightweight concrete system is built using three main components: precast columns, continuously voided beams and SPEEDFLOOR®Transportable Concrete Floor panels. 

“The SPEEDFLOOR® panels are an important part of the PARKD Car Park system as they offer a simple light weight solution for the slab structure.” says Peter McUtchen, Managing Director of PARKD.

The SPEEDFLOOR® Transportable Concrete Floor System comprises a unique combination of cold-rolled steel sections and concrete to form a transportable concrete floor. All service holes can be pre-drilled, ensuring easy integration of services. 

In addition to its modular prefabricated construction, the system offers a number of qualities that make it the perfect fit for PARKD’s car park system. “It’s lightweight, it has good spanning ability and the surface finish is exceptional,” explains McUtchen.

The installation of the PARKD car park system at City Subaru Victoria Park has been smooth and swift. “Within two weeks of completing the footings we reached substantial completion,” says McUtchen. The final result has met City Subaru’s brief and exceeded expectations.

“We’re extremely happy with the efficiency of assembly and the resulting substantial feel to the car park, anything but temporary in nature” says McUtchen. “SPEEDFLOOR® Ltd are an important construction partner for PARKD and we look forward to applying this smart construction technology to our future projects.” 

For more information on the PARKD modular demountable car park system, visit the PARKD website.

This project is also featured as an EBOSS article

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