Lightweight Steel Joists Save Time for Bullendale Apartments

The construction of the Bullendale Apartments, a housing development in Queenstown, adopted SPEEDFLOOR® Steel Joists, light gauge steel framing, and Concision bathroom pods.

Novel Prefab Systems

Bullendale is a large residential project that comprises 17 three-storey apartment blocks using light-gauge steel framing, SPEEDFLOOR® Steel Joists, and Concision bathroom pods. This Queenstown project pushed the innovation boundaries by combining these novel prefab systems. Construction began in November 2018 and by combining these systems, the project was set for completion in October 2019 (around 11 months of construction). The apartment is an exemplary use of hybrid prefabrication for multi-unit residential builds.

Project Planning and Weather Challenges

To meet the project timeline, a significant amount of preliminary planning was spent on structural design. The design needed to be correct from the start to minimise the possibility of re-work and delays on site.

Another challenge was the extreme Queenstown weather. Light gauge steel was chosen for this project for its high strength and low-density, reducing weather setbacks significantly. Light gauge steel was also ideal for the sloped site, as using a heavier material would have posed more risks.

Reduced Waste On-Site and Enabled A Super-Efficient Build

The Steel Joists were manufactured in our Auckland factory and transported to Christchurch where they were assembled and delivered to site for placement onto the primary structure. The accuracy and detail of the offsite constructed SPEEDFLOOR® elements reduced waste on-site and enabled a super-efficient build process.

Millimetre-Perfect Floors

The SPEEDFLOOR® lightweight Steel Joist System was specified for the suspended floors and sections of the roof. Adopting this over traditional construction methods has allowed for millimetre-perfect floors throughout the build and helped reduce construction time for the apartments.

Extremely Positive Feedback

The project received extremely positive feedback from the client and sub-contractors. The Bullendale Apartments posed an incredibly attractive and efficient approach to a successful multi-unit residential project in Queenstown. Additional on-site construction and fitting out was also expected to be completed on schedule and within budget.

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