Classic Builders chose SPEEDFLOOR® for Overlea project

See why Classic Builders chose SPEEDFLOOR® Steel Joists for the Overlea Project in East Auckland.

Go upstairs in a home built by Classic Builders in the Overlea Project and you will be standing on SPEEDFLOOR® Steel Joists. 

The Overlea Project is part of the Tāmaki Regeneration in East Auckland, and includes 37 multi-level homes built by Classic Builders.

Building multiple homes quickly and consistently requires a smart approach. That’s why Classic Builders opted to use SPEEDFLOOR® Steel Joists rather than timber joists for the upper floors. 

An efficient option, the Steel Joists offered numerous advantages for Classic Builders.

Manufactured with millimetre accuracy, the Steel Joists could be rapidly assembled offsite, transported to site and dropped in by the building team with minimal fuss. When you have a tight schedule and a busy job site, this precision and flexibility can be the key to successful delivery.

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