Manukau Institute of Technology

This progressively built two-storey parking building at the Manukau Institute of Technology utilised SPEEDFLOOR® Suspended Concrete Flooring. Construction took place over two summer breaks, with the first level completed in just four weeks.

Student Parking in Short Supply

With student parking in and around the South Auckland based Manukau Institute of Technology always in short supply, the board decided that a progressively built carpark was the only answer. They commissioned that a two-level carpark was to be built level by level over one of the existing ‘on-grade’ parking areas. The structural steel and SPEEDFLOOR® carpark were deemed the most cost-competitive structure.

Two-Level Carpark Constructed Over Two Summer Breaks

Part of the solution for the tertiary educational institute was to consider building during the summer break to limit the disruption to the students. The first level of over 1,400 square metres of SPEEDFLOOR® Suspended Concrete Flooring was erected and completed in four weeks over one summer break while the second level was erected and completed in the following year.

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