Eastside Parking Building

This unique six-storey parking building features 2,400 square metres of SPEEDFLOOR® Suspended Concrete per floor. The installation saw 2150 square metres of finished SPEEDFLOOR® every 10-days.

2,400 Square Metres of SPEEDFLOOR® Suspended Concrete Per Floor

The Eastside Parking Building, built by Dominion Constructors Ltd for their client Coltrane Trust, is comprised of 2,400 square metres of SPEEDFLOOR® Suspended Concrete per floor. Dominion Constructors is a New Zealand owned construction company who has been trading for over 40 years.

The six-storey public parking building serves several apartments, a rooftop gym, street-level commercial units and is near a major event centre. Uniquely, the carpark is covered in 187 individually imprinted aluminium panels that create a Nikau Palm Design.

Clean, Uninterrupted Installation

The structural steel on the Eastside parking building was erected to its full height before the SPEEDFLOOR® was installed, giving the contractor a clean, uninterrupted installation run to the top floor of the structure. In doing this, they achieved 2,150 square metres of finished SPEEDFLOOR® Suspended Concrete Flooring every 10-days.

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