Transportable Concrete Floor

The Speedfloor Transportable Concrete Floor is a unique combination of the Speedfloor joist and a rollformed perimeter channel. The products combine to produce a quick and easy to assemble frame for a transportable concrete floor which can be manufactured to any dimensions without the cost of a mould.
Suspended Concrete Flooring Steel Joist Systems


The galvanized steel sections are manufactured using the rollforming process for dimensional accuracy where they are punched, pressed and cut to length. The sections are simply assembled and placed upside-down on a flat surface over selected reinforcement mesh. The concrete is poured into the base and leveled to form a consistent thickness. After the initial cure the floor is lifted from the flat bed, flipped and is ready for the building frame to be attached.


Features and Advantages

The transportable floor has many features including:

• All service holes and connecting bolt holes are pre-punched into the boundary channels.

• Lifting eyes, pier positions and any frame hold down connections are pre-determined and factory fitted.

• Concrete slab thickness of 65mm to 90mm.

• The floor requires no mould or formwork meaning any size floor with-in the limits of the rollformed sections can be accommodated and produced on any flat surface.

• Any recesses are easily pre-formed into the finished slab. This method of construction ensures accurate repeatability in size and quality of a transportable concrete floor.